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Hopeless is not helpful

Hopeless is not helpful

Daily disappointments and discouraging circumstances rough us up daily.  What to do?

Choose to react with anger evoking fear, flushing cortisol into our heart with negative affects on our health and our peace.


choose to do what we can in response with our individual passion. It takes courage, clarity and creativity to identify our unique gifts, own them, hone them and give them back to the people we influence.  This is a helpful response to happening in our world.  Do the little thing that is only ours to do in order to nudge the gauge of hope and help just a few degrees to the positive. Find the thing, do the thing, have the power.  

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What we do in life echoes in eternity

The most courageous act we take part in daily is the decision to choose. 

The choice between a termination and a reinvestment. The choice between being interesting and being interested.  The choice between being right and doing the right thing.  The choice to finally listen to your still small voice whispering “stop settling for just making a living and go out to start creating a life”.  The courage to choose is followed by a need for faith and a knowing that change is uncomfortable. In that discomfort are the lessons that will prepare you for the purpose you have been called to bring to the world. When the pain of staying the same exceeds the perceived pain of change it is time to choose. The ripple effect of choice goes on further than we will ever see.  


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The Power of WE

Two letters that make all the difference. Authentic leaders understand the the power of WE.

In laying down our own agendas in order to serve the wellbeing of our team, WE exemplify our conviction to the greater good. Team members will do what is necessary to support the one who leads with I, but will do anything to cover the back of a the boss who leads with WE.  Hospitality comes from the root word Hospice - to create a safe place for those who are wounded. Human connection is our product and has the power to heal. Human connection is about more than one person engaged in an empathetic dialogue of mutual understanding. It takes WE to trust, to care, to encourage, to heal, and to leave each other more whole than the moment before WE connected.

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