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We are fulfilled by knowing the shared experienced of work that was more than a job has had an affect on lives further than we may know. Our goal is to gather short stories from as many people as we can who have participated in and honored the work leading to Awakened Hospitality. To this end please submit your experience for review and posting. We want to share the story of US.


Katy Crane

Financial Analyst Formation Capital, LLC
Atlanta GA

When I met Chris, I was fresh out of grad school and unsure of my path. As a server at South City Kitchen, Chris showed me that work can be more than a job. He taught me that true passion can be found in how we engage the job. When I became a manager, he mentored me how to inspire that passion within others, and how to create a positive workplace culture. Although my path has moved away from hospitality, the principles I have learned from Chris have translated to every area of my professional and personal life.


Kevin Pierce

Founder Fish Theory Design, LLC
Motion Picture Production Designer & Kinetic Artist
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Chris is an exemplary mentor, who knows how to inspire and draw the best out of people. His encouragement, along with his inclusive and galvanizing style of management, spurred me to follow my dream of becoming a motion picture production designer, where I lead talented crews to create cinematic environments. Chris instilled in me the importance of teamwork, professionalism and pursuing your passion wholeheartedly. I’ve been able to recognize and emulate effective leadership throughout my career because of what I learned from Chris, who invests his heart and soul with such energy that it motivates others to do the same."


Scott Williams

Founder / Partner - The Scott’s Coffee Bar
Mandeville, LA

South City Kitchen had a palpable pulse. Chris Goss came with a partner to Atlanta to create a restaurant with Charleston influence and it took off! The location and atmosphere was great but it was much more than being in the right place at the right time. It was the heart of these partners led by Chris that created a passionate staff to open the restaurant which gave it it’s amazing start 24 years ago. From training to daily operations there was always an uber positive culture fostered by this management style that created a cohesiveness of staff; all at once a team, a machine, and work family."


Darren Painter

Real Estate Broker - Dennis Hill Homes
Fort Lauderdale FL

"To say my time taking part in a unique restaurant culture created and nurtured by Chris Goss in 1990s Atlanta informed the way I conduct myself in the business world today would indeed be an understatement of the very highest degree. With every client, broker or vendor relationship I encounter as well as in the growing of a busy South Florida real estate brokerage, I make many, perhaps most of my daily decisions with the soulful spirit of Chris and his awakened approach to business still shining a light on the path. Intent matters greatly and Chris leads and guides from a 'devotion to the greater good' compass pointed due north."


Paul Bauer

Tupperware Business Leader and University of Tennessee Medical Center Food Services.
Knoxville, TN

"As an opening team member of Magnolia's Restaurant in Charleston, SC - I had the pleasure of being caught up in an exciting, powerful and inspiring movement I had not known in my previous 15 years in the restaurant business.

Chris Goss is different and during our interview process, I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of the vision he shared and was moved by his intense passion.

The most powerful lesson I learned was that he would teach, provide, inspire and trust me so much that I would feel guilty if I didn't measure up to my ability everyday.
My life is more inspiring to others because of the simple, yet profound truth principles, Chris taught me."

Deb Cates

Senior Hospitality Sales Manager - Stowe Mountain Resort Stowe, VT

A “great leader and mentor” are the best words to describe Chris. I had the pleasure of working with him for almost 15 years at Stowe Mountain Resort. During that time he became the Director of Hospitality and the leader over many departments. Chris led his teams with a gentle and reassuring demeanor. He had the innate ability to calm fears and uplift his team members whenever needed. He inspired his staff to reach for new heights while supporting and encouraging them to never lose sight of their goals. He was always a positive role model. Under his calm and reassuring exterior is a simmering sense of humor. He could always ease a tense moment with a quick joke or an uplifting word. I felt honored to have worked with and for Chris and now consider him a lifelong friend and mentor. He is a positive role model and his leadership style is one that is RARE.