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A Coaching Consultant with a Mentor’s Heart

As a Coach

We partner with clients in a thought-provoking process which helps maximize personal and professional potential. Business coaching focuses on big picture vision for one’s business (and life), with attention on the motivation to move the dreams, vision and goals forward. The result of business coaching is a tangible plan to move forward with your coach as a partner in actualizing that plan.

As a Consultant

We are hired as industry experts to provide professional advice or opinions. We focus on understanding problems and presenting solutions. Consultants direct clients on what to do in order to advance learning, change proceess or implement systems for improved performance. The focus of consulting is specific to systems, objective, strategies, and actions that create improved outcomes.

As a Mentor

We maintain a relational experience through which our stories empower others by sharing wisdom and resources. Mentor’s are wise and trusted guides who offer insight and call upon prior experience to help clients on a journey of growth, change, and development. Mentorship is a soul connection between an two individuals on similar paths. The focus of mentoring is sharing, connecting, encouraging, and leaving a legacy.


Consulting Coach with a Mentor’s Heart.

Based on the scope of our personal and professional experiences we are uniquely prepared to offer a hybrid of services combining all three roles based on the unique circumstances of our client partner. We are proudly refer to this as a Consulting Coach with a Mentor’s Heart.

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