We lead a movement of workplace culture transformation to create healthy communities of people who rest on the foundation of trust, belonging, value, and meaning. A culture of connection encourages people to bring the best of themselves to work, fall in love with why they work, and grow personally to contribute more to the people they serve. When an organization grows because it’s people are growing in a supportive environment where employee and business vision coexists, a state of Awakened Hospitality is created. We have experienced that community based businesses are a powerful force for doing good in the world. We dream of an ever expanding collection of uniquely branded, personally crafted, and diverse people groups led by a new generation of awakened and inspired leaders. When work satisfies a sense of trust, the feeling of belonging, a desire to be valued, and the longing for meaning it produces happy, empathetic and engaged people. Sharing in the experience of serving others and delivering the promise of a caring organization is emotionally and financially fulfilling. Being a part of good work with great purpose is deeply satisfying and answers one of life’s great questions. Have I made a difference in the lives of others and left the world a little better because I was here?

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